Saturday, April 03, 2004

Tarnished Reputation?

This may come as quite a shock to you. I paid money to enter a museum today. Even more of a shock may be the fact that I paid more than I was expecting to.

Today I planned to take Yu-Jin to the museum. He is dead keen on dinosaurs and here was a good chance to get out of the house on the weekend and it wouldn't cost too much for the entertainment. Prepared a $2 coin for the operation.

Miky made me change my shorts as my arse was too big and made all of the crease lines and wrinkles disappear from the back. Slipped into something more comfortable, for those eyes at least that would see my bum, and I forgot about the coin. Imagine my dismay when I got to the museum and realised that I didn't have my change for my cheap day out!!

I may be cheap but I wasn't about to ask for change to pay the minimum to enter. I slipped a $5 note into the donation-entry box. Oh the humility.

Perhaps it is my frugal bastard ways coming back to haunt me. I did have that not-so-peculiar Australian ability to totally ignore donation boxes as I entered museums and cathedrals in Europe. You just pretend not to see them. It's quite easy once you master it.

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