Friday, April 23, 2004

The Meaning of Irony

How's this for irony - a tow truck that is all smashed up. Mind you, the cynic in me thinks that it was done on purpose to distract the attention of passing drivers so that they are more likely to be involved in an accident themselves.

Yu-Jin is so Intelligent

Strangers mention this all the time. "Oh, he's so intelligent." I think it is code for the fact that he never shuts up. He is such a chatterbox. If you go for a trip on the bus he is constantly talking and asking questions. It is amazing. Thirty minutes non-stop. Or maybe it has something to do with him being small for his age and people think that he is much younger than he is. He didn't really starting talking until he was two and a half.

Having One Arm Is Not Such A Handicap

My argument here is that you can brush your teeth with one hand.
You can wipe your bum with one hand.
You play golf better if you only use one hand - (the other one tries to steer the ball too much).
It only takes half the time to put on a shirt or jumper.
You can still hail a taxi.
You can still play the one-armed bandits at the casino.
The one-finger salute is still possible.
Remote controls only need one hand.
You may encounter some difficulty if a robber asks you to "Stick 'em up" as you only have one arm to stick up.

(This blog is reaching a low point, don't you think?)

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