Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Dirty Stinking Filthy Abo Bastards

I rang Miky last night before leaving work. She told me a story that happened to her yesterday. She went to the city with Yu-Jin, her sister and her mother. They did some shopping and so Miky had a large bag with her.

Almost as soon as they got on the bus to go home Yu-Jin fell asleep. About that time a group of Aboriginals got on the bus. A woman sat across the aisle kept looking at Miky and a bunch of them sat behind Miky, as she was sitting in the second last row. Miky had put her bag on the floor as Yu-Jin was sleeping and it was quite large. She wrapped her leg around it also.

In the time that this woman was looking at her one of the bastards behind her stole her purse and she didn't notice. When they decided to get off the bus Miky had a really bad feeling about them and checked for her purse. To her horror it was gone. She raced to the bus driver and told him not to let them off as they had stolen her purse. Miky even opened the shirt of one of the bastards behind her and didn't find it. While she was kicking up a stink the guy gave Miky's purse to her sister. Miky knew that she had $20 in it but when she looked there was only $10 left. Her claims of "They've stolen my money" were backed up by a passenger who told the driver to go to the police station. The bus driver didn't know what to do.

My take on this situation is - don't trust ANY bastard. Doesn't matter what colour they are.
- the bus driver didn't want anything to do with the situation
- if anything had come of this the Abo's would have said that the purse fell on the floor and they picked it up to return it.

Proving anything could be difficult. Talk about lucky to get the purse back. After a while Miky remembered that she had spent $10 therefore no money had been stolen. Doesn't surprise me in the slightest. I'm sure that Miky will be even more careful about her purse from now on. I would hate to think of the trouble we would have to go through to cancel credit cards etc.

Miky was surprised that they could have taken the purse as it was in a bag that was wrapped around her leg. Don't be surprised by anything or anyone.

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