Monday, April 05, 2004

Miniature Train Rides

Yu-Jin and I went to the miniature trains at Castledare, just down the road, yesterday. I purchased a secondhand child seat to put on my bike - no point in spending money on fuel to drive there as it is only about 1.2 km away. We were joined by two of Yu-Jin's childcare friends, Jesse and Ethan and two older children.

As you know I am a frugal bastard. I've made it quite clear to Yu-Jin that it is too expensive, five dollars for me, so he must go on his own. It is his fun and he is the one I am doing it for. So Yu-Jin is quite happy to go by himself. He even hangs onto his own ticket. It is good to see him have a good time and he enjoyed it with his friends. We had to have a picnic first as one train was stuck under a bridge and caused a holdup for about 30 minutes.

Got some video of the event and may upload it to my Website soon. Stay tuned.

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