Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My Kid Is The Poo King

It seems everywhere we go Yu-Jin has to do a poo. I don't know if it includes some fascination for the toilet architecture of others or not. For instance, we will go out to McDonalds. Even if Yu-Jin has been to the toilet before we left home, there is a fair chance that he needs to use the public convenience. And it is almost certainly for the need to have a poo. This kid is outstanding in his ability.

Tonight just topped it off. I had an award ceremony for Curtin University tonight to attend at the Sheraton Hotel. During the ceremony who do you think had to be removed to go to the toilet to do a poo? None other than the King of Poo, Yu-Jin. Well, I haven't seen the inside of the toilet at the Sheraton.

On a lighter note, Miky has decided to give me $50 for my birthday present. That is because today she decided to buy herself some new shoes and used $50, from me for her birthday, which is in 12 days time, and felt that she could offer me the same without feeling guilty. Sometimes it's difficult to be a frugal bastard when other people are so willing to spend your money.

Let's try something different. Comments can be sent to me here. Good night.

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