Friday, April 30, 2004

Teacher of the Year Award

When I had decided that I wished to attend uni to study Information Technology, I was informed that it was necessary to study applicable mathematics at year 12 level. This was to be done at night school at Canning College, which just happened to be next door to Curtin University of Technology.

I firstly attended a Flying Start maths class. The teacher was a lovely lady called Carolyn Lukas. She was an amazing teacher as pupils in the class were all over the place from spud maths, year 10 to year 12. She would go around the classroom and deal with pupils on an individual basis. Not an easy task. Carolyn encouraged me to go to the applicable maths class, even though the term started seven weeks earlier, and gave me additional homework to do.

I noticed in the local paper the other day, and was unable to scan the newspaper photo properly, that Carolyn won the Premier's Teacher of the Year Award Term 1, 2004 for the Canning education district. An award thoroughly deserved and I'm very happy to see her gain great recognition.

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