Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Not Much On My Mind Today

You know that you are desparate when you look for a car accident to find an opportunity to kiss someone.

Drivers That I Hate

Pretty much anybody in a Volvo, tradesmen's vans or other modes of transport, Toranas (always full of Yobbos) and I can't say that I have a real liking for Mercs or Beemers - the drivers of these vehicles act as if they own the road.

More Tips For Staying Frugal

When you see a tin-rattler, somebody collecting for charity, walk on the other side of the path. Or even walk alongside somebody. Old people are good to walk next to because they usually stop and give some money giving you the chance to walk straight past.

When you buy something only use notes to pay for it. Keep all of the change in a piggy bank and take it to the bank to deposit every month. This way you have lots of money at the end of the month and you start to get a bit sick of paying $5 for the newspaper anyway. It wasn't so difficult to do when the $2 note was still in circulation. Be disciplined people. You can't become a Frugal Bastard overnight.

Don't press so hard when you brush your teeth. Your toothbrush will last much longer and you won't have to buy them so often. Another brushing tip is use a tiny amount of toothpaste - you actually don't need to fill the head of the toothbrush because it goes a long way. If you fill the head with toothpaste you just end up spitting it out anyway. And that is a shameless waste of money.

Book holidays to exotic destinations that have just come under terrorist attack. These places will be dying to get tourists and fares will certainly be cheaper. Accommodation will be very affordable. And there are probably some nice palaces in Baghdad that could put you up.

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