Friday, April 16, 2004

Human Behaviour

There are aspects about human behaviour that are downright intriguing. Most of the time humans act with very little compassion or thought for their fellow human beings. Take humans when they drive cars. Just how uncaring can they be - cutting you off, failing to indicate, running red lights, failing to stop, etc, etc.

Then something strange happens. For instance, traffic lights stop working. Any person who knows the road rules knows that in this situation you give way to your right. So, guess what happened?

That's right. The traffic acted as though the traffic lights were operating normally. Some traffic turned to the right from opposite directions and after a short period the traffic from those two directions started going forwards. After some time the traffic stopped and allowed traffic in the other direction to proceed. It was as though nothing had happened. Astounding.

This was an instance of human beings acting like an organism, much like ants behave.

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