Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Driver Education

Australia doesn't seem to be too strong on driver education. Whenever we have a holiday period in Western Australia it is double demerits for drivers that break the law. That means that you lose twice as many points on your driver's licence than usual if you are caught breaking the law.

I did quite a bit of driving over the four day Easter period. The amount of people that I saw not wearing seatbelts, failing to use blinkers, speeding, not stopping for stop signs, etc etc, beggars belief. Far too many people breaking the road rules.

Tonight when I drove home I saw some mum holding a child on her lap in the front seat. Excuse me - do you have a brain? Don't you realise what a stupid thing that is to do? If there is an accident who is going to be the first passenger killed? Not only that, I saw another mother doing the same thing less than a minute later. I can't tolerate these people. They have no sense of wellbeing and protection for their children.

I see a few white people doing this but at the risk of generalising, the majority of perpetrators are Muslim or Aboriginal or Asian. Asians are notorious for not restraining their children in the car. What sort of people are we breeding in this country?

In other countries it may well be acceptable to not wear seatbelts in the car but not in Australia and I don't think that the government does enough to educate these people. I remember being in a taxi, yes I did pay for somebody else to drive me about, in Korea and there were no seatbelts in the back. Horrifying journey let me give you the tip.

That's enough ranting and raving for tonight. I've been in front of the computer monitor all day and I've had enough of it.

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