Friday, April 09, 2004

Brave Kid

Some time ago, about two years in fact, Yu-Jin was in hospital for three days due to a respiratory virus. He had a drip in his arm and a tube in his nose so it must have been uncomfortable. And yet, not once did he complain. The nurses commented upon his bravery all of the time.

Yesterday, my first blog-free day as it turned out, we decided that he should have another round of vaccinations as Miky had the day free from TAFE. Yu-Jin had a diptheria and whooping cough injection, a measles injection and a polio syrup. The doctor couldn't believe that he didn't cry. She gave him three lollipops and the nurse felt she had to give him something so he got a packet of tissues. Which, by the way, have been snaffled by mum. Last time he had vaccinations the doctor was so surprised when he didn't cry that she said, "My kids are 16 and 18 and the needles still make them cry."

He is a brave kid. And he never fusses when he has to take medicine. Which makes it all the worse when he actually whinges about something.

Flag Envy?

There was a report on the news last night, which I happened to miss, about an Australian woman in the USA who had an Australian flag flying outside of her house. What I understand is that the locals complained so much about it that the powers that be told her that she has to remove it. She is only allowed to fly an American flag. I mean, WTF? What the hell is going on? Are these people really that narrow-minded? Is there some degree of flag envy? The Australian flag only has six stars but they are bigger than the American's stars. What is the world coming to?

It reminds me about a story when I was at school. An Aussie exchange student to the US was threatened with being returned home because she refused to sing the American national anthem and swear allegiance to the flag. I'm telling you, that would really go against my principles too.

In this country I think you are pretty much allowed to fly any flag you like. On Saint Patrick's Day there would be more Irish flags flown in Australia than the normal amount of Aussie flags.

An Egalitarian Society

Australia is a country in which the society is close to that of egalitarianism, or equality, for all people. Regardless of what you have heard about racism in Australia most people are given a fair go. There is one issue in our family however. Yu-Jin goes to kindy and the teacher's name is Mrs Lucas. At childcare none of the carers uses a title. They are all known by their first names. Or, in the case of Tui, she is known as Poohy Tui, but that's another story. Yu-Jin is finding it very difficult to adjust to Mrs Lucas. This is because he goes to childcare with a boy called Lucas. So, his kindy teacher has a title that he hasn't had to use before, and she has a boy's name. It's all too much for him. And he certainly can't treat them equally.

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