Monday, April 12, 2004

Did I Say That Yu-Jin Was Sick?

After only two doses of medicine we went for a walk to the playground and river nearby. I persuaded Yu-Jin to ride his tricycle and believe me, it was hard work. He was insistent upon me riding my bike and putting him in the child seat. Once he was on the trike their was no stopping him. It's about 1.5km to the playground and from there he rode over the bridge until we reached a sign which said that the bridge was 500m behind us. We rode back to the bridge and the playground and mucked around there for quite a while. You would never think that the kid had been sick. He rode all the way home and with no fuss at all. Must have been 3.5 - 4km of riding. He simply enjoyed it.

The river behind the weir wasn't too pleasant to look at. We need a decent rain to wash away that algal bloom.

Korean Needs To Be Encouraged

I have noticed that Yu-Jin has been wanting to do lots more with me over the past two days. I think that it has something to do with the fact that his halmoni and imo (aunty) don't speak much English and communicate with him in Korean. He talks to me because he knows that the response will be in English. I feel for the little guy because when I go to work tomorrow he will hear nothing but Korean. And that will be the best thing for him. I'm all for it.

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