Wednesday, April 07, 2004

It's My Birthday

Yes, 21 again. I know. Getting on a bit.

My mum rang this morning and a couple of minutes later so did my sister. I went and woke Miky up and she said, "Who was that?"
I said "Mum and Deb."
"Why are they calling you? Is it your birthday?"

Yes, it is my birthday. And my wife forgot. Again.

Miky asked if I wanted a card and said that she didn't need one for her birthday. So I said, "Do you think that is going to get you off the hook?"

I mean, really. If I forgot her birthday or our anniversary their would be hell to pay. Women like to test you with these little things.

I don't blame her. We didn't celebrate my 30th a few years back. Too busy at uni at the time. She has an awful lot on her plate at the moment and she's not a morning person. I still love her.

Dunno what we'll be having for tea tonight. Have to go to the Sheraton after work and so don't have time to do anything special.

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