Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Miky's Birthday

It was Miky's ahem, ahem birthday yesterday. Well, it is rude to ask a lady's age. She had forgotten herself actually. I didn't need to buy a present because she bought one for herself a few weeks ago, before I even had my birthday.

I bought a cake and brought in home after work. Following tea Miky wanted to light some candles and get Yu-Jin to help her blow them out. He had just woken up after his afternoon sleep and wasn't in the best mood so she had decided to humour him. It certainly made him feel better.

After lighting the candles Miky wanted Yu-Jin to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Instead he blew out the candles!! I have it on video too. Talk about funny.

As I said, Miky forgot her birthday. Koreans are supposed to have special seaweed soup on their birthday and Miky completely forgot about it until after she had cooked tea. I dunno, some people.

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