Friday, April 02, 2004

Do I have a Problem?

Am I being unreasonable here or not? If somebody gets you a drink in a glass or a cup is it unreasonable to expect that glass or cup to be filled? I think not. If you have a big glass their excuse is that you have enough in the glass already. If I wanted less to drink I would have gotten a smaller glass.

It's like getting your plate with dinner on it with little more than an appetiser-sized meal on it. Why should I have to go to the trouble of getting myself seconds? Fill the plate up with the amount that I want to eat in the first place.

I have transferred about 175 photos associated with my Jap Blog and now I have lost the four pieces of paper that identified all of the photos by name. It is going to take me ages to link the Jap Blog properly.

That's enough ranting and raving for now. Over and out.

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