Monday, April 05, 2004

A Challenger to the Frugal Bastard Champion?

Word has it that the world's richest man, IKEA's founder Ingvar Kampard, is a bit of a frugal bastard. Apparently he travels only in the economy class. Ha! I've never travelled outside of the cattle class either so he's not going to take away my crown that easily. Wish I had $US69B to play with though. I've bought plenty of his stuff along the way. So I have helped make him the rich bugger he is.

So, if I have to lose my crown to someone it is better to have had a hand it who it goes to.

Clothes Design

I've got a great idea for all of you budding frugal bastards.

Trousers without pockets.
If they have to have pockets put a zip on them with a padlock.
If you can't afford a zip then make sure that they have deep pockets.

Frugal Bastards Tips

Go shopping when the shops are closed. If shopping hours have been deregulated and so the shops never close, then move to a part of the country that is so backward and conservative (hey, that sounds like Perth) that they haven't deregulated shopping hours yet.

Window shopping is another good way to go. Except is you want to buy a window. Because then it can become quite expensive.

Leave your wallet at home. A great money-saving tip that one, and one of my favourites.

Put on your trousers with the deep pockets.

The Frugal Bastard's Motto

There's no such thing as saving more. You have to Spend Less.

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