Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Play Fighting

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Yu-Jin missed me today when I was at work. He had mum, aunty and grandma to look after him all day but as soon as I entered the door he wanted to play with me. It was difficult work to convince him to wait until after I had finished my tea. And he was a little upset when I wanted to have a cup of tea following that.

Mum and aunty, who had been tucking into the chocolates during the day, decided to go for a walk. Yu-Jin and I were supposed to have a shower together so that I could finish off some work that I didn't do at work today. That was their plan anyway. Yu-Jin wanted to play and so we were play fighting.

The kid is pretty strong and although he is quite skinny he has a lot of energy. In fact we were wrestling and fighting for 30 minutes. That's not a bad workout and I probably burned more calories than mum and aunty! At one stage I noticed that he had blood on his lip but his adrenalin was pumping and he hadn't noticed. After 30 minutes he was most upset that I wanted to stop and have a shower.

As I stood up Yu-Jin thought that he could start another game by running away. That didn't last long as he slipped in the kitchen and collected the door jam, hurting is leg and arm. Silly boy. I tell you what though, my neck is really stiff at the moment. And probably will be for a couple of days.

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