Saturday, February 04, 2006

Whaleback Driving Range

Yu-Jin and I went to the driving range today. He is keen on golf and I paid money to hit a few balls. Luckily Anthony, whom I've played nine holes with before, leant him a club so that he could have a hit too. I wasn't sure if I would have a hit this weekend as my normal golfing partners are busy but I did need to keep up the practice and the driving range is the best way to do it. Luckily I took the camera and so he wasn't too bored. Yu-Jin was able to hit a few balls also. Most of the time he was wandering around with the camera and he took over 100 photos. Ladies backs and bums, other golfers, the chipping green, the driving range. Talk about snap-happy.

Maybe they should make a statue of me like that of Harry Vardon. Is that Hammy or Greg Norman at the tee?

Lining up for a crack. At the fence most likely.

Following our sixty balls we went to the chipping green and the bunker. Yu-Jin had a bit of fun with that, more so than the driving range, as he could hit the ball freely. Mike Keneally, one of the resident pros, was there so I had a quick chat with him to thank him for the lesson he gave me a while back. It has straightened my game out a bit and added length to my shots. And the confidence level has risen too.

We finished it off with some time on the putting green. It's really difficult for Yu-Jin to use a full-length club for putting but he had most fun when trying to get it into the hole and using the same ball until he had done so. On one practice hole he only took three shots from about 20 feet away. Other times he took about six shots from three feet away. He was pretty well buggered, which was understandable as it was close to 35 degrees, when we got home but had to have lunch and then go to taekwondo.

I might pop out for a game tomorrow.

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