Thursday, February 23, 2006

Too Many Thoughts In My Head

Censorship On The Radio

96fm is known for playing older music, some 70s and 80s stuff, that most FM stations don't play anymore. It's still a little bit too new to make the AM stations as the only seem to play music from the gramaphone era. Yesterday they had Cliff Richard with "Wired for sound" and I was enjoying it very much. Yes, I can admit that I like listening to Cliff Richard. After about two minutes it was pulled from the air! I don't think I've ever witnessed a song being stopped midway before. The announcer interrupted and asked people to stop calling about taking the song off as he'd had about two dozen calls already. Unbelievable! People that like the older music couldn't stand a bit of ol' Cliff.

What Was The Psycho Thinking?

The Health Minister, Tony Abbott, visited a psychiatric hospital yesterday and was attacked by a patient who punched him twice. Doctors said that he probably didn't know who Tony Abbott was.

Yeah, if he'd known he would most likely have tried to strangle him instead.

Bloody Cars

Miky got her alternator fixed yesterday. It set us back a total of $420. Scheisse. I checked my radiator coolant and couldn't find any in the overflow tank. Only had one litre of coolant left, put it in, and still couldn't see any in the overflow tank. I left the bonnet up so that I would go back and replace the radiator cap. Shut the bonnet afterwards. We have had some hot weather lately, up to 40.1 degrees, and my car hadn't even gotten warm so I decided to wait a day before buying more coolant.

Driving to work this morning and I noticed some steam coming out of the engine bay. Oh shit. Then the cars started banking up, just when I needed to keep the car going as much as possible to let the air intake keep the engine cool. The engine was a bit warmer than normal so I put the heater on full bore to take a bit of heat out. Got to work safely.

Borrowed one of the work vehicles at lunch time to get five litres of coolant and that didn't even fill the overflow tank. It was at this time that I noticed the reason for the steam emenating from the engine bay - I had forgotten to put the radiator cap back on!! And it was still sitting on top of the overflow tank!!! Dumb point.

Putting The Price Of Fuel Into Context

Filled the car up tonight with fuel. Man, Woolworths +Plus Petrol must have the slowest bowsers this side of the universe. Putting 64 litres in took such a long time. I'm glad that I don't own a truck. What struck me about the time the last drops were going in was the fact that it costs more to fill my car than to pay my mortgage repayments. What is happening to the world?

Excuse Me While I Get Into My Other Skin

Went for an early morning walk today. On the way home I was thinking about something and could hear a dog barking nearby. Then I heard a crackle behind me as a branch was broken. Boy, did I jump out of my skin. And I mean that I jumped. It was only some guy riding his bike behind me and I had thought that it was a dog attacking. If snakes could only change their skin as quickly as I did. The guy was nice enough to say "G'day" as he went past however.


lori said...

OK commenting in order: That's funny about cliff richard, i bet they wouldn't have rung up to complain if it was on 94.5
Re: abbott being smacked out.. damn it, where's the black eye?
Re: Cars - mine has a spider living in the passenger wing mirror, my friend has called it Emily, and she needs to wax her black hairy legs.
Re: Petrol prices - today i put $25.25 in my tank, with 4 cents off per litre thanks to dewsons, I payed $24.60 - and still only got just over half a tank.
Re: creepy walking - i hate those sneak walkers.. everyone should be made to wear bells.

Hammy said...

Lori - you put a bit of effort into that comment - thanks!! But, I was the one walking. The guy on the bike could have rung his bell to warn me but I still would've jumped out of my skin.

Hammysmum said...

Well, well. Never thought I would see the day you would admit to liking Cliff Richard! Dates you a bit, eh? I personally can't stand that one of his songs.