Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Now That's What I Call Service

Very rarely does an organisation provide service that's satisfies their customers these days. Or am I just a narky customer? That changed tonight, for the better.

Miky rang me at work to say that she was at a friend's house and that her car wouldn't go. I got her to try a few things but she was getting nowhere. Had to wait until I finished work. Thankfully she wasn't too far from home. Looked to me like the starter motor had had it. Her friends were a Korean family who are new to the country. I was wanting to meet them but not exactly under these circumstances.

Anyway, I rang the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) to tell them that my wife's car had broken down. Miky isn't a member of the RAC but Libby, the lady taking the call, said that as I had been a member for quite a long time (13 years) and had made very few calls, she would swap my car for Miky's and allow it to be fixed for free. Wow!! That's what I call service. Talk about exceeding my expectations. I won't have too many worries about paying $66 for an annual membership for Miky in the not too distant future.

Libby said that the patrolman would be there within an hour. I grabbed some pizzas and they cooked some octopus and noodles. Just as we sat down to eat the octopus the patrolman came. Bugger. Almost no oil in the engine and the real cause was a flat battery. Not that the battery was at fault it was in fact a crook altenator. The patrolman, who never got around to introducing himself, gave it a bit of a charge and said that Miky wouldn't be able to drive the car at night.

As it was ten to seven, and sunset was due for 7pm, I told her that we had to go now. Pity. I would have liked to spend more time eating octopus, er, meeting these new people. It felt like I was in Korea as I was the only one in the household who didn't know what was going on as they were all speaking Korean.

Thank you RAC. Your service was outstanding. I'm happy to recommend your services.


Hammysmum said...

Once again like the proverbial cat, you have fallen on your feet! Nice one.

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