Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Story Behind The Pictures I

Just for fun I thought I would reveal the stories behind pictures that have been in the news recently.

Extra points were scored by Andrew Burton in the half-pipe at the Torino Winter Olympics as he was vapourised by the sun. Unfortunately he had several points deducted from his score as he failed to complete the course and was unable to do his second run.

Scientists are disturbed by a white line that has appeared in front of the sun and fear for a sky-writing pilot's safety.

Condoleeza Rice posing with her Madame Tussaud's wax dummy.

Justin Humphries competing in the Pat-a-cake World Championships and going for extra points for style and difficulty.

Men are rapidly joining a new self-help group - "How to love your pot guts".

Australian Prime Minister, Mr John Howard MP, a loyal cricket fan, demonstrates that he knows a thing or two about karate so he shouldn't be messed with.

Polar bears have been quite curious to see some visitors, the recently banished Seattle Seahawks NFL team, following their devastating Super Bowl XL loss to the Pittsburgh Stealers.

The Italian Fire Brigade have discovered a novel way of extinguishing fires by incorporating a hammer. Sadly, it's not too successful especially considering that it's in the middle of winter. Patent pending.

Steve Martin is making an attempt to become the world's most tattooed man.

Sean Preston Federline, the world's youngest driver, apparently grabbed the wheel not to show his mum, Britney Spears, which pedals to use, but because he heard that his father was taking him to get his ears pierced.

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