Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Many Levels Of Conscience

You all know about your conscience, right? It's that part of the brain that talks to you when you have a decision to make when there is right and wrong or good and evil to choose from. It is quite often depicted in an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other.

I think I have another level of conscience. It's a Frugal Bastard that sits on my other (?!) shoulder. Well, who knows where he sits.

Today, I'm walking to the Post Office, dressed in black, it's a warm day and I think to myself, "Gee, a bottle of sarsparilla would go down nicely." I'd say that was the devil conscience at work.
The angel conscience pops up and says, "But you've been so well disciplined with your weight and exercise lately that you've lost 3-4 kgs since December. Don't do it. It's just your body suffering withdrawl symptoms from junk food. Save your body."
"You know that it will really hit the spot. Anyway, you're walking which is good for you so you can afford to have a soft drink" was the devil conscience's response. That brought the appearance of the Frugal Bastard conscience who put an end to the debate. "Bugger the health aspects. What a waste of money. If you saved $2/wk at 5% compound interest for the next twenty years do you know how much money you would have?" he interrupted with abruptly.

Thankfully I didn't enter the bank just to start a new bank account, even though I couldn't do the calculation in my head, but FB conscience had an undeniable point. Whatever concerns about my health would be raised by having a bottle of soft drink paled into insignificance by the fact that my hip pocket would suffer irrepairable damage. I waited until I reached work and drank some water.

Gosh, fights between good, evil and FB. It's a bit crowded in my head.


ben said...

I would call "devil conscience" temptation.

Calculate how much you will save by this formula:
FV = PV + INT = PV(1 + rt)

FV=Future value, PV= present value, etc.

You must have done biz maths at uni.

ben said...

for compound interest
FV = PV(1 + i)n

ben said...

FV = PV(1 + i)^n

Hammysmum said...

Your brain must be turning to mush. Former maths Comp whiz kid, and you can't work out that sum!! There is no hope for the rest of us, then. (Never was for me.)

Hammy said...

I could sit down and nut it out but it was a bit difficult on the run. The point was well made though.