Monday, February 20, 2006

Drink. Drive. Bloody Idiot.

Since the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria cut their sponsorship of Richmond Football Club following an incident with 19 y.o. Jay Schulz getting caught speeding whilst drunk on a probationary licence, I figure that they have been searching for some good use for their sponsorship dollar.

The old slogan, as it appears in New Zealand.

I reckon they could back Ben Cousins of the West Coast Eagles. He epitomises the message of the TAC.

Just over a week ago Ben, then captain of the Eagles, went to a schoolfriend's wedding and decided to drive home at midnight with his girlfriend and two other friends, including Nathan Hewitt, in his BMW 4WD. On Canning Highway he spotted a Booze Bus (mobile breath testing unit to detect drink drivers) and abandonded his car. Hewitt and Cousins went on the run. Ben's girlfriend and another passenger were left in the car. Hewitt was caught by police and he claimed to have been driving before being breathalysed. Ben Cousins was interviewed by the police six days later and indicated that it had been him driving, so how much trouble is his friend in for trying to mislead the police?

It's funny that the cops couldn't catch Ben Cousins on the night. He does play in the midfield and his job is to run all day (I think that he just runs past for an easy possession too much) so I'm not at all surprised. Perhaps they recognised him because he was bouncing a football every 15 metres and had that strange kicking action.

Today Ben Cousins, under mounting pressure, quit the captaincy of the Eagles. And rightly so. If he can't make the right decision on the road he shouldn't be a public figure captaining an AFL team.

If the TAC wish to sponsor Ben Cousins I think a change of slogan is required:

Ben Cousins - This sums you up.


tmz_99 said...

Hmmm.. In general I don't agree with sporting personalities having to be ethically good role models for the rest of society...
A certain amount of notority makes the figure in question more respected/feared by the opposition therefore giving the player even more of an advantage.. "Shit, better not mess with him, he has known mob connections" or whatever.. besides, they are only human and have faults and vices like the rest of us.
He certainly shouldn't have resigned... mounting pressure from whom?? from what I read it was subject to a $5000 fine.

Hammy said...

Tom - As Ben Cousins was not stopped by the booze bus he can't be charged with an offence with regard to failing to take a breath test. The only charge that he is liable for is that of abandoning his car on a road. The fine is about $50 or maybe $300. I don't condone that sort of behaviour from anyone. Drink driving is a very serious vice, in my opinion. He smacks of being an arrogant little bugger who doesn't have to answer to anyone.

If he doesn't wish to be a role model then go back to the amateur leagues and get a job like the rest of us during the week.

I do agree that a little bit of mongrel can be admired but it is best to see that on the sporting field and not in public when they should conduct themselves with grace, like the **ahem** rest of us.

It's not like he couldn't afford a taxi now, is it?