Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dinosaurs On The Loose In The City

Today saw a special presentation of Dinosaurs of Gondwana in the city on the steps of the Western Australian Museum. Lots of parents and children were there to enjoy the show. And it was pretty impressive and entertaining. They were created by the innovative designers at Sydney's Erth Visual & Physical - talented people.

Brave kid. The surrounding trees were raped of greenery by kids to feed him afterwards.

This guy enjoys eating his plants. It looks so lifelike.

A dingo just ate my baby! Whoops, different story.

Very large allosaurus. He had plenty of kids screaming.

Think this is supposed to be a dwarf allosaur.

Closeup with the allosaurus.

The allosaurus made noise and had saliva going everywhere. A few people were struck by his tail as he swung his body around. They did look pretty lifelike. When the half hour show finished the kids made a beeline for the museum. It seems that everyone wanted to go inside and check out the dinosaurs. Just when I was about to take a photo of the dinosaurs on display did I discover that my battery was flat. Bugger.

Found out that I have to pay for Yu-Jin to use public transport now that he is of school age. We've become so used to him not having to pay that it is a bit of a let down.

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