Saturday, February 18, 2006

We Have A Pet Mouse

Not that I've seen him, mind you. Miky saw him a couple of days ago so I set a trap last night. I loaded it with some food and in the morning the food was gone and the trap had not gone off. Today Yu-Jin and I went to see the dinosaurs in the city and I reset the trap with a piece of toast. This time the food was more difficult to remove. Upon coming home we discovered that the toast was gone and the trap hadn't gone off.

So not only do we have an unwanted guest in the house but we are feeding him as well. Perhaps he will be house-trained before we know it. Tonight I have set a watermelon seed as bait and it is quite well stuck in place. Unless this mouse is very dextrous, or the trap requires too much tension to operate, we should have a dead pet in the morning.

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