Friday, February 24, 2006

New Theory Behind September 11th

It hit me this morning on the drive in to work today. September 11th was not about the hatred of the United States by radical muslim extremists known as al-Qaida. Absolutely not. It's about choice of car for Arabs. The car of preference for Arabs is the Mercedes Benz. You see them everywhere.

September 11th was an attack on Porsche. Their most famous model is the 911. Obviously Porsche won't sell their vehicles to Arabs. That's why the date of 911 was chosen folks.

Who is next on the list? My guess it is the Cayman Islands - Porsche have the Cayman. Tia Carrera should also bump up her personal security - ever heard of the Carrera?

Keep an eye on September 44th people. Remember the 944?

Author's Note: Please feel free to inform the author that he is full of it. Slow news day today.


tmz_99 said...

not to forget the 928 or the 924.... September is a bad month if they're after Porsche... Im not sure where the 958 and 959 fit in...

Then there's the 1000s of strippers all over the world who chose "Porsche" as their stage name..

Interesting times ahead.. oh yes!

Hammy said...

Glad you could see the lighter side of my proposal, Tom.