Monday, February 20, 2006

Wembley Golf (New Course) And The Pet Mouse

Shayne and Joe were going to play club competition at Wembley Golf Club so I decided to head out there as well. Teed off at 7:48 with three guys from Singapore - Darren, Teh and Chan.

Wembley Golf Club - Tuart Course - Feb 19th 2006

It was a breezy morning and we were looking at a warm top of 31 degrees. I hadn't played at Wembley before and I found it to be a demanding course. Mainly because you felt that you were in an elevator as one hole was downhill and the next was uphill. I was so glad that it wasn't 40 degrees as the first nine buggered me. Felt alright on the back nine though as there aren't quite as many hills to negotiate.

Opening hole of the Tuart Course. Saw one guy hit his tee shot into the water.

Even though Chan hit a 10 on the opening hole it wasn't until the 3rd that the wheels fell off. Literally. The axle broke on his buggy. Luckily the next hole took us next to the car park and with the motorised cart that Darren and Teh were using they grabbed another buggy for Chan.

The wheel(s) have come off.

Darren has quite a follow-through.

On the par-5 6th Darren hit a massive drive over the dog-leg and in the middle of the fairway 270m. It was a very steep downhill shot with a side/tail wind so the distance was a little disappointing. He nailed his second shot and was left with a putt for eagle. We put as much pressure on him with comments like, "I've never seen an eagle", and "You never leave an eagle putt short". He left it short but knocked it in for birdie. On the next hole, a par-4, he shot 11.

On the 15th Darren hit out of the bunker with his putter and nearly parred the hole! By that stage he didn't care too much about the score. Chan found quite a lot of balls stuck in the Yackas. Not the sort of plant that you want to go sticking your hand in as you will get cut to pieces.


Both Chan and Darren teed off with a tee that had a stake. I thought this must be something to do with being brought up in Singapore and not being able to litter for fear of getting fined. They said that Singapore didn't go to that extent but they had unbreakable tees that were expensive and they didn't wish to lose.

Bunkers on the 5th on the Tuart Course at Wembley Golf Club.

Bunkers on the 14th on the Tuart Course at Wembley Golf Club.

Bunkers on the 15th on the Tuart Course at Wembley Golf Club.

Very pleased with my back nine. I didn't venture into any of the bunkers during my round.

The Pet Mouse Is No Longer

After the toast didn't work I tried a watermelon seed in the mouse trap. It sat there for a day and a half, untouched. Bloody fussy mouse. What sort of establishment does he think we are running here? Last night I popped some walnut in the trap.

Pet mouse no more. Damned fussy eater.

He is a pet no more. Got 'im. I did see him run from our bedroom into Yu-Jin's room last night as I was doing the ironing watching the Winter Olympics. He won't be doing that again. Interestingly he pooed and peed himself. Not that I blame him.

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Hammysmum said...

Glad to see that the domestic skills I taught you are still being used!
Too much info about poor mousey!