Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Art Of Wishful Thinking

I saw a sign in somebody's frontyard as I went for a walk on Friday morning. Didn't have enough time to grab the camera from home and take a photo as I had to get to work. Well, somebody has to keep the country running.

Yu-Jin didn't have a good day at school on Friday. He was involved in some fighting, even though he was told in no uncertain terms of Thursday not to, and he was severely punished for it. Didn't the sh1t hit the fan when we found out that he had also been in trouble during class for mucking around. It was time to take him for a walk so that we could have a talk, mano a mano.

Wanting to kill two birds with one stone I took the camera as I wanted to get a copy of a sign which seemed to indicate wishful thinking on behalf of the landowner.

Wishful thinking?

Much to my surprise the wish had been granted. The mulch was indeed where they wanted it. Got me thinking, what if I erected signs all over the place indicating my wishes and desires?

Clean up your bedroom please.
Empty the bins please.
Wash the car please.
Cup of tea here please.
Below ground swimming pool here please.

Not that I want a pool anyway. They cost too much to upkeep.


Hammysmum said...

If it works for them, try it and see what occures!

Hammy said...

Who is Patrick and what is he on?

Hammysmum said...

Who mentioned Patrick?

Hammy said...

Patrick put some stupid long-winded comment about an international rugby competition. I deleted it.