Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Three Words, Sounds Like

I'm hopeless at charades. Nope, this anecdote relates to a sneezing fit I had last night whilst doing the dishes. When I say fit I should qualify that - I sneezed five times and then a sixth about a minute later. An unusual amount, anyway. My great grandma was the sort of person who, if she sneezed, she sneezed eight or nine times. Quite funny to watch (Could have been my grandma though - correct me if I'm wrong, Mum).

Miky turned to me and said, "You sound like a Russian tennis player. Whooooosh!!" I must have been paying too much attention to the Russian women tennis players at the Australian Open. I'm sure I don't sound like them grunting when I'm having a decent sneeze though.

What Is Happening To Our Roads?

Almost all of the major roads that I use to drive to work are undergoing roadworks. I sense a conspiracy here. Perhaps my boss is behind it. Does he have a plan to make me leave earlier for work due to holdups with the traffic and get into the habit such that I get accustomed to arriving earlier at work, or, is he trying to get the roads that I utilise into the best possible condition to make my journey to and from work as comfortable as possible? Or is it just my imagination that is running away from me?

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Hammysmum said...

No, it was Grandma Rayson. She used to sneeze about that many times, and it sounded like this, 'Issue, issue, issue etc' I think your imagination is taking you on a flight of fancy!