Monday, February 27, 2006

The Biggest Loser - It's Not On Channel 10

What a horrible day. It started off ok but soon went downhill. Perhaps I shouldn't have stayed up until after 12am watching the ice hockey at the Winter Olympics but it was the only chance I had of seeing any of it. So, I was a bit knackered when I got up. Actually, woke up a bit early and then reset the alarm for a bit of a sleep-in. Forgot to turn on the alarm though, just set the time. Something told me while I was in la-la land to have a look at the time.

Heading out at 9 o'clock to Collier Park Golf Course for a 9:42 tee with Shayne and Joe and one of Shayne's friends. Backing out of the driveway I noticed that I hadn't turned early enough before there was a very loud bang. The back of the car fell down and I had no traction. Somehow, I had bogged my car and I'd never done this before. Next door is getting her kitchen done and she had a benchtop sitting in a skip on the front verge. I jacked my car up and put the benchtop under the rear wheel. It moved all of three inches.

Bogged my car in my own driveway.

How on earth did I bog my own car?

I called Shayne, as he has a 4WD and was heading up my way, to see if he could give me a hand. My neighbour's neighbour, Jim, whom I hadn't really spoken to in the three and a half years we have lived here, was walking past with his dog and offered to get his ute. He put a rope between our tow bars and pulled me out quite easily. Thank goodness for that. It must have been 30 degrees already by this time and I'd built up a sweat trying to put dirt beneath the car for traction. Called Shayne to tell him I was out and he had just turned the corner into my street.

Paid my green fees at Collier Park and we were called straight down to the tee. We played Pines followed by Lake. Shayne's friend didn't show as he had a wedding to plan. "Last chance to play golf if you're getting married" were my thoughts. The group of four in front of us only had three sets of clubs and they were using golf carts. Not good for my blood pressure. It was bloody hot on the course and any breeze was appreciated. Joe hit a lovely birdie on the par-4 fourth.

On the fifth I spent a bit of time looking for my ball and Joe had some trouble in the lateral water hazard, which, I found out, that you don't have to take a penalty drop from, sorry Joe (we adjusted the scorecard to something quite fair), and fell behind the group in front of us. Then, the girl from the pro shop came by and told us to catch up to the group in front. Typical. All this time they've been holding us up and we are the ones getting told off.

Did I mention that it was hot? Temperature was supposed to reach 33 degrees. When there was no wind it was awfully warm. Richard, a four handicapper, joined us for the back nine which he shot a level par 35 for! Pleasure to watch. Joe and Shayne went with him a bit but I kept playing RS. It was 36.6 degrees when we finished. Boy was I glad that I took some frozen water with me along with a couple of other drinks. The sorry tale is below.

Collier Park Scorecard 26th Feb 2006.

Look, I lost on handicap to both Joe and Shayne and Joe obliterated me off the stick as well. Sorry day. And it kept getting worse.

As we had had a BBQ at work on Friday I was unable to do the fruit and veg shopping at the marketes. Once I arrived home and had a cold shower Yu-Jin and I decided to head up to Subiaco. Had to bribe him with a smoothie if he came. Miky didn't want to come. Good thing too. We were trying to get to Subiaco at the same time as several thousand Eagles and Dockers supporters were as there was a pre-season AFL match on at Subiaco Oval between the two teams. Traffic was stupid, it was Sunday afternoon afterall, and that meant that parking near the markets would be severely restriced. Ended up parking a few blocks away and neither of us had a hat for our walk in the sun.

I swear never to go to Subiaco Markets on Sunday afternoon again. It was so busy you could hardly move in the stalls. And they only had half of the items left on my shopping list. Bought a pineapple and had an argument with the checkout girl. I wanted to pay their advertised price and she insisted on a different price advertised elsewhere. All the pineapples in the area that I got it from were the same so her suggestion that someone had dumped it from a different area didn't cut it with me. Finally got what I wanted but not until the guy on the adjacent checkout commented "It's stingy hour". Shit! I didn't come here to buy cheap, worn out fruit and vegies because they were offering them at lower prices. Bastard. One instance where I wasn't trying to be frugal. You advertise at one price and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay more.

Following that less-than-successful purchase we had a strawberry smoothie. I left Yu-Jin with the shopping and the smoothie as I really wanted to purchase a few other items. Had to wait ages in the shop just to get four vegies. And then I had the change thrown at me with no "Thank you" or anything.

Frugal Bastard is the Biggest Loser this weekend. Don't bother tuning into Channel 10.

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