Friday, February 03, 2006

How Long Is Sunscreen Water Resistant For?

You've all seen on the label on a sunscreen bottle proclaiming how long that particular sunscreen is supposed to be water resistant for, right? It has probably lost its effectiveness, based on the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) by that time anyway. And who can stay in the water for four hours if that is the case?

4 hours water resistant

Well, it looks as though there has been some naughty business going on on the bonnet of my car. And it has been there for a couple of months. During that time we had one day where it rained for the whole day. This stuff doesn't wash off very easily as is evidenced by the photo. I reckon the sunscreen we use is water resistant for a lot longer than four hours.

What's being going on 'ere then?

For the record the hand prints are mine after I had prepared to go out for golf. Nothing naughty happened. Sorry to prick the intrigue bubble.

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