Saturday, February 18, 2006

Valentine's Day Meal - A Tad Late

On Thursday I made a booking for Friday night at a nice restaurant to take Miky out for a lovely meal. Valentine's Day was pretty busy, as expected, and she wasn't interested in going out anyway. As soon as I arrived home Miky decided that this was the night to go out. Dressed in jeans I told her that she needed a lot more formal getup than that.

"Where are we going? Northbridge, the city?"
I wouldn't tell her. Not telling her infuriates her. When she realised that we were going to Burswood out came the, "I'm not wasting my money there" - I had informed her of the $85 for Yu-Jin that we would had to have paid had we gone out on Valentine's Day and that is what she was expecting.

I dunno, you try to do something nice to show that you appreciate someone and they get upset about it.

Burswood Resort.

Found our way to Sirocco, our chosen restaurant, and the ambience was very nice. Lovely music, very few people, great service, and, perhaps best of all, they gave Yu-Jin a bucket of crayons to get busy with. The tablecloth was a big sheet of paper designed to keep the kids busy obviously so that the parents can stay longer and spend more money. I'm nothing if not a cynic.

He's almost as neat as Picasso.

Yu-Jin was very well behaved, ate all his meal, and keeps talking about going back to that restaurant. It became crowded about the time of our dessert and then you couldn't hear yourself think but it had been very nice up until then. We thoroughly enjoyed our meals and would look at going back again for a special occasion, or a couple of days later when it's cheaper at least.

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