Monday, June 27, 2005

Work Over The Weekend

First there was a load of sand.

Add a wheelbarrow.

And then go and fill in the holes in the backyard.

Of course Yu-Jin got very dirty with all of the sand. He just couldn’t help himself. And the cheeky little monkey buried my shovel as well. After a bit of sweat most of it is now filling the holes in the backyard. Now I need to level it successfully. I bought a truckload of sand, 3 metres anyway, as it wasn't worth the trouble of buying six trailerloads and having to borrow the trailer and drive back and forth to the shop. Only work to be done, and it was cheaper to have it delivered in bulk, was to cart it out the back. And to keep the young fella from getting absolutely covered in sand and not bringing it into the house.

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