Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The New Wake Up Drink For Early Risers

Seeing as my missus has had a sore throat for about five weeks now she has been boiling some ginger in water and drinking it as tea. This morning before going to work she boiled some more ginger tea and had it. I decided to have some too as my throat is a bit dry in the morning due to a stuffy nose.

Blow me down!! There was no sugar or honey in it and it was pretty strong. A very woody taste. And it didn't get any better the more I drank. Finished it off though. As I went to wash the dishes I noticed the missus' cup with a bit left in it. I thought that I'd try it to see what flavour enhancers she had put in to make it drinkable. The short answer - none. It didn't taste any different.

It's a better wake up drink than coffee. Not that I drink coffee, mind you.


Hammysmum said...

Does it taste better than vinegar off a fork?

Hammy said...

I'll have to put some vinegar on a fork and get back to you. Probably going to come out even-stevens though.