Monday, June 20, 2005

Time For The Cricket Heavyweights To Enter The Fray

Now that the likes of Bangladesh and England are giving the Aussies a hiding I think that it is time we played some more of the world heavyweights. Just when are we going to see the cricketing prowess of Iceland, Paraguay, El Salvador and Vanuatu? For too long these countries have been passed over for cricketing glory and it is time that they were brought in from the cold.

Australia needs to beat somebody soon.


Nick Souter said...

No need to panic yet Hambone, the ashes are still in the bag as far as I'm concerned, let's give the Poms a few games to cheer about at the start at least, can't have the ENTIRE summer miserable for them can we!

I look at it this way, Carlton won the night finals, who cares, look at us now happily on the bottom of the ladder! Let the Poms win the one day series, who cares, when the real shit begins, then it'll be on!

Nick Souter said...

and I'm leaving for CHina 21st July, the first day of the first test! SSSSSHHHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!!! Dammit all to hell! If I'd known sooner I'd have rebooked! I'm gone a month, I'll miss the whole series! Just like the World Cup last time I was over there! Man I time things well!

Nick Souter said...

I wonder if those communist bastards have blocked

Hammy said...

Yeah, you are right. But if the Poms win matches when the weather isn't a factor watch out during the tests. I still think that we will win the tests.

Carlton. Yes.

You won't miss the whole series. It is, what, 5 or 6 tests? That certainly won't be over in a month.

I hope for your sake that the Chinese don't block Let me know if the Frugal Bastard is visible in China.

Nick Souter said...

the frugal wont be visible in china, I know this for a fact because all blogs are blocked, any free site with a .blogspot or .netfirms or .anything is blocked and can't be accessed.

Hammy said...

I could add your email to the mailing list and you would be able to read it then. Of course I could add special comments about Carlton just to keep your interest