Saturday, June 18, 2005

Newest Adventure Sport For The Non-Wussbag

Do you have a taste for high-adventure? Has bungee-jumping lost its appeal to you? Has skydiving become a bit ho-hum? Has canoning had its day and it is no more than sliding down a waterfall on your bum?

Why don’t you try the latest adventure sport for the go-getter?

East River Helicopter Diving

It’s all the rage – tourists and businessman alike are taking up this newest sport for the thrill seeker. There have been no recorded deaths, so far. The number of injuries has been limited also. Trained rescuers await your arrival at the crash site.

First flight was on Tuesday.

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Second flight was on Friday.

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Seats are filling fast! As fast as the helicopter takes on water once it has reached its destination. It’s never been easier to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Just purchase a one-way helicopter ride somewhere near the East River, make sure that your health and life insurance policies are paid up, and climb abound. The target area is quite large so you’re bound to make it. An experience like you’ll never forget. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Those crazy New Yorkers. Always so innovative. When is Perth going to get a tourist attraction like that?


Hammysmum said...

I always wanted to take a ride in a 'chopper',perhaps if I do it in OZ I will be safe?! I'm never likely to get to NY, anyhow!

Hammy said...

The riverside chopper rides in Perth have stopped or been moved. There is a big development site now so our timing for a flight was pretty good.

I guess it is reasonably safe. Safer than Uncle Max's base jumping.