Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wacko Jacko Isn't Coming To Australia....

Is he? I had heard that his plan was, if acquitted, to sell Neverland and come to Australia. Well, the almost unthinkable has happened - he has been acquitted of all charges, including supplying alcohol to a minor, child molestation etc.

Hell, we have enough paedophiles in this country already, convicted or not.

I really don't know with this "man". If the amount of money involved wasn't involved then witnesses may have been a bit more believable. Does anyone really know?

Sunday Amongst Ugly People

Had to pick up Miky from a different train station on Sunday as she didn't have enough change to get all the way home. Why can't we have some machines that change notes into coins in this country? There is a bus station adjacent to the train station and there was a girl waiting for the bus drinking beer and putting the bottle back into her pocket. Obviously thought that no-one would notice. Public drinking is not condoned. A couple of minutes later an African guy stands on the sidewalk and just starts to have a piss. Not in the bushes or anything - in full view. What is this place coming to?

On Sunday night, I, one too stingy to buy a dryer (don't have space anyway), had to mingle with those who can't afford to buy a dryer, at the laundromat. We had nearly a week of rain and it didn't stop for more than 10 or 15 minutes on Sunday. There were all sorts of people there - dreadies, women in black from top to thick black boots, skanky hoes - you name it. I can't remember going to the laundromat in the last four or five years. And the people that decided to have a cigarette did it just outside the door so that everyone inside could partake in passive smoking. I had to wait nearly half an hour for a dryer so it was lucky that I had brought my computer magazine to read. It did make me feel a little out of place and that people would have been staring at me.

Not the sort of public place I like to hang out.


NewYorkMoments said...


Each time I read your blog, you never cease to amaze me.

Hammy said...

That's what they pay me the big money for.