Thursday, June 16, 2005

Turning the Tables in the Footy Tipping

You may remember that in Round 11 of the AFL tipping I managed to get a big, fat zero out of eight. Having reached the halfway point of the season, finding myself languishing in last place in the work tipping, out of 23 people mind you, I made the decision to go for last place and get my money back. The only other way I could get my money back would be to win the round on two occasions. Having not picked more than 5/8 for half the season we all know that that isn't going to happen.

Step forward one week to Round 12. I picked losers this week to consolidate my position at the bottom of the table. Amazingly three people picked 8/8 for the round. Now consider me. I picked 0/8 - trying to lose. Damn it!! I picked the eight winners, and using the winning margin on one particular game I was closest. That means that had I picked winners instead I would have won the round and only needed to win once more in the ensuing 10 weeks.

It's enough to drive you nuts. What a turnaround in tipping fortunes, eh? And it's all bad. Perhaps if I fall far enough behind with a couple of rounds to go and can't be caught I should try to win a couple of rounds and double my money.

Kevin Sheedy, the coach of the Essendon Football Club made mention during the week that those people who are at the top of the tipping competitions know nothing about football - It's been that sort of a season. Now, doesn't that make me feel a whole lot better about my mediocrity? Perhaps I'm not even at the level of mediocrity.


Hammysmum said...

How funny?! What a hoot! 'Better' luck this week.

NewYorkMoments said...

Hey Hammy,

What's up with those weird arm movements those guys make when they score a goal?

Turd Furgeson said...

Turd here. We see David through the eyes of jaded and biased men. I think david needs more support, and he is not getting it from us. Or not from me, at least. He's a sad, sad man, and his blog is frought with the sensual nepitism that leads to a dulling of more neglected senses. Is this something you want? Is it? David, David, Hammy, Hammy, Hammy--turd. We're fading fast . . . fast . . . oh my god, oh my god, "oh my god."

Hammy said...

NYM - Check out this Website. It tells you all of the umpires' signals for Australian Rules Football.

Umpiring Signals

Hammy said...


Interesting comment. Strange place to put it. Yeah, ol' Davo is crying out for a bit of help but I can't give him exactly what he needs. Can't really offer him a helping hand. He is a big boy now and can work his way through it - it is his life, afterall. Does make a bit of interesting reading though.

Have you been to Korea?

It's a bit sad. But it is also at a distance. Perhaps your perception of my jadedness is approaching the mark. Perhaps it is nostalgia setting in also.

NewYorkMoments said...

I understand the signals, but why did they create signals that look so funny?

Hammy said...

You have to remember that these signals date back to the 1860s or 70s. Don't blame the modern day football administrator.