Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Thoughts From The Young Fella

Just before we had to get up this morning, Yu-Jin decided that he wanted to sleep in our bed with us. He asked what time it was and I said it was three minutes before the alarm would go off to wake us up. There was no need to go back to sleep really.

Sure enough, three minutes later the radio comes on to signal that it is the start of the day. It opened halfway through a news story which went like this..

"Many bombers are well educated and wealthy"

To which Yu-Jin added, "Oh, they're talking about football."
He thought that they were discussing the Essendon Bombers and not suicide bombers as the case was, in actual fact. No matter what Nick thinks, the Essendon Bombers don't commit suicide attacks, even though they may be well educated and wealthy, as opposed to Carlton who are just wealthy.

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