Monday, June 27, 2005

Not Like His Old Man

Gotta work on that young man. Last Wednesday was his class photo day and I gave him strict instructions to give his envelope with payment to the teacher. When it came to photo time he didn't think about the envelope.

The next day he was sick and came to work with me. I rang his teacher to find out why he hadn't done so, even wanting to know if she had asked the class about their envelopes. Yu-Jin said that Mrs Bennett hadn't done so but she indicated that that had happened, in actual fact. And then told me a few more home truths about Yu-Jin and the fact that he didn't listen or follow instructions very well.

When mum found out about this she was furious. His best toys have been taken away and he must sit at the front of the class from now on and listen if he is to get his toys back. It seemed to do the trick today. He sat at the front and listened. At least that is what he told us. We shall find out later in the week what the real story is.

I called the photo company to find out what the deal was as I had thought he only had a class photo taken and not an individual one. Not the case but there would be a late fee of $10. I told the woman on the other end of the phone that I would take it out of his hide and she said she was surprised that so many parents reacted the same way. After all, he is only five. My point being if he is only five and liable to forget then why should I be penalised a further 10 dollars. Can't say I was happy about the situation.

Yu-Jin's hide remains intact. There was no pocket money last week and it culminated in the aforementioned confiscation of his toys.

Stay tuned.


gleek said...

"take it out of his hide".. if i had a nickel for every time my parents said that about my brother :)

Hammy said...

You'd probably have a heavy jar of coins that nobody would want you to purchase anything with.

I have a jar of 1c and 2c coins that I collected when they were about to go out of circulation. Can't be worth much more than face value today.