Sunday, June 12, 2005

And Now Here Is The News

Gee, I’ve been getting the hurry-up to post something on my blog - sorry to disappoint my fan(s) [Editor’s Note: Don’t get ahead of yourself lad!!]. I know how you feel. Out of the blogs that I read Nick Souter has taken a sabbatical and doesn’t post anymore and has even removed his blog, Loppy set up a blog but has never posted, Freaky Chick has been quiet lately, Kinki and Matt have bought a house and their output has been seriously downgraded when I would have thought that that would have given them plenty of mateial to write about. Perhaps they can't afford an Internet connection anymore.

My mum always has a bit to say but doesn't post all that often, Gleek has a nice little blog and she has "The Posting of the Year" in my book about a day where everything went wrong for her in NY. John Howard is very topical and funny but new material is posted only every month or so. Yobbo has some excellent material but seeing as he is off gallavanting around Asia for a while the postings have dropped off somewhat.

For some more racy stuff I read New York Moments, to catch up on what’s happening in Korea I read about Dave from Perth, but the funniest and best written blog has to be from Random Thoughts From NYC by Joe.

So, if I'm not posting as much as you would like there is some good material out there to put your peepers on. Sorry. I've been a bad, bad boy.

"..And On His Farm He Had A Cate, E.I.E.I.O"

Just about every movie we have watched lately seems to have Cate Blanchett in it.
Thank God He Met Lizzie.
The Gift
The Missing - great movie.

Obviously this girl can act as she isn't much to look at. Her movies are pretty good in actual fact.

Been A Bit Wet Down Under

Finally we've been getting some rain. We've had, I'll just check the Bureau of Meteorology's Website, some 135mm or five and a half inches of the stuff in June. And it just started to rain again.

Footy Tipper Extraordinaire

Last weekend I did the unthinkable in the footy tipping. I tipped zero out of eight winners. People at work thought that I was trying for last place because that is guaranteed to give you your money back. Nothing could be further from the truth - they were all dinkum tips. This week however I am trying to get another zero as that last place is well and truly mine.

New Computer

One of the reasons that I haven't posted too much lately is the fact that I have bought a new computer. It has 1 Gig of RAM, a 17" LCD Flat Screen with 8mS response, and a 200 Gig HDD. I feel a bit gipped as I can only get 132 GB out of the drive at the moment. I bought the parts and put it together myself, needed a bit of help with some of the internal cabling however, and it has taken a lot of my time to download updates fo the OS and all of the programs that I like to use.

I tried the monitor out at work to try to convince the boss to buy me one - it's sooooo much better than my CRT. Guess which idiot left the video and power cables for the monitor on his desk at work when packing the equipment away on Friday evening to take it home for the weekend? Moi. I don't even have a key to get in at work otherwise I would pick them up today as I have to go to the Subiaco Markets today with the Missus and it is only two minutes away.

I have had to connect my old montitor to set up the new computer. It runs much faster than my old PIII 500, let me give you the tip. And it wasn't all that long ago that I went through the same motions when my primary HDD crashed with my OS on it.

A Quick Say On Michael Jackson

Whatever the outcome of the trial into kiddie-fiddling, I'm sure that MJ would be wishing that he'd kept his relationships limited to Bubbles. No doubt there will be plenty of appeals to follow so it isn't over by any stretch of the imagination. And what of the rumour that he has sold Neverland to come and live in Australia? We aren't too keen to allow people even visit Australia if they have a criminal record.

Fairness In US Civil Cases

What happened to the old measurement of fainess - an eye-for-an-eye or that more recent saying - a-telephone-bounced-off-the-wall-into-the-side-of-the-face-for-a-telephone-bounced-off-the-wall-into-the-side-of-the-face? Regardless of who the person is who commits a crime, the punishment, or punitive damages, should be the same. I can't believe that the civil claim of Nestor Estrada against Russell Crowe is worth more than $500. It certainly isn't worth the purported US$2m they will be seeking.

I believe that everyone should be treated equally before the law.


Hammysmum said...

Amanda Blair in her editorial in The Sunday Mail said that for his 15 mins of fame, a small cut & a great story to tell the grandkids, the ammount of money Nestor Estrada is reputedly asking, is not compensation, it is criminal!
MJ only wants to come 'down under' if he is acquitted. Trouble is, even if that is the case, mud sticks.

Hammy said...

If the mud were to stick he wouldn't be so white and would look less like a freak.

NewYorkMoments said...

Hammy, if you think my blog is racy, you really need to get out more.

Hammy said...

I said it was racy so that my mum wouldn't read it - she would have a shocking pink fit with some of the stuff that you wrote. Gotta look after the oldies, you know.

gleek said...

ha! thanks for the props hammy. i still look back on that day with the hopes that it's never repeated :)

Hammysmum said...

Oldies indeed! I never thought I would see the day when my son thought I was so 'precious' I needed protecting. I think I am very broard minded and capable of looking after my own sensibilites. Thanks all the same.

Hammy said...

He he. Knew that I would get a bite.