Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Janet Jackson Tries To Steal The Limelight

I noticed this morning that Jacko had been acquitted on the Internet. Miky turned on the TV and it said that he was on his way to court and the verdict would be given live - so how did I know? That's the magic of a delayed telecast of a national program.

I see that Janet Jackson, once again, tried to steal the limelight. Her brother is involved in a high profile court case and she tries to make a spectacle of herself again. On the telly they showed Wacko Jacko's lawyers going through the metal detector without any problems. Janet goes through and sets the machine off. One security guy runs over her body with a hand-held metal detector and then they cut to another scene. I bet it was that damned metal nipple ring again and she just wanted to flash it on prime-time TV in front of a larger audience than the Super Bowl.

Honestly, some people will do anything for attention.

I just hope that Jacko didn't commit those crimes. And if he didn't, I feel sorry for him as his life is in ruins.


Hammysmum said...

There is a saying in show biz, that any publicity, is good publicity. It is so crowded in the business these days, I guess they will do anything to be noticed. I just don't see how she could make milage out of her brother's misery.

Hammy said...

I was only joking