Thursday, June 23, 2005

Was That A Compliment?

Our receptionist is a little difficult to get a friendly "Good morning" out of at the best of times. I don't know why it is.

Yesterday I had to go to the toilet but the men's toilet upstairs was occupied so I headed downstairs. Now, the downstairs toilets are more of a unisex setup with a urinal thrown in for good measure. I guess that anyone can use them. So I'm standing at the urinal, having a slash, when who should walk in but the receptionist. Even though she left straight away I felt good after her comment, "Oh my God".

Was she being complementary?

Nah. Just embarrassed.


gleek said...

ha! you men really need to lock the door behind you! that's happened to me on several occasions.

Hammy said...

Like I said, it was a toilet that everyone could use. There was no door to the urinal. Funny how she has said even less to me since the incident.

If I'm in the loo the door is locked. It is so embarrasing to walk in on someone who hasn't locked the door.