Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm In Love

Although it isn't unconditional. Early stages yet.

Yesterday I received my new I-Rocks FM Transmitter, from, in the mail. You plug it into your cigarette lighter and tune the FM radio in your car to the correct frequency. Then plug in your USB memory stick, I-Pod, CD player or MP3 player, and enjoy the music. At lunch time I had to try it out and it works quite well.

It's really disappointing to find the best price, purchase the item, and then when searching for a Webpage to link to show you all that a cheaper one pops up. I did notice a couple of pauses whilst it was playing but I'll try it out for a bit longer before I get upset about that.

Gee it was nice to have Linkin Park blaring from my speakers whilst driving home last night. The trip went by really quickly for a change.


After fiddling around a bit with the FM Transmitter this morning I found out that by setting the station to a channel other than the default FM band the sound reproduction was perfect.

Love has become unconditional.


Hammysmum said...

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!
Hope you have fun with it.

Joe said...

Generallyt, I get a little worried when people express unconditional love for electronics. Perhaps it has to do with a bad breakup that I had with a circuit board a few years back. It's still too painful to discuss...

Hammy said...

I once bought a calculator while I was still at school. It cost A$250, did graphs, formulae and had 8 lines of text. I still have it which equates to over half my life.

Joe, I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. It can be hard if love is only as thick as a silicon wafer.

My latest calculator is a Casio CFX-9850GB PLUS. What a beast. It outstrips my graphics calculator and cost quite a bit less.....