Sunday, June 26, 2005

What Is It With Ford Falcon Drivers?

On Friday morning I saw a pink Ford Falcon filling up at the petrol station. It had a large sticker on the rear window saying "COZ I CAN" but the number plate was great - "YES PINK". And it had a bloke driving it. Would I rather drive a Holden than a pink Ford Falcon. Well, I wouldn't go that far.

On Saturday afternoon I was overtaken by a purple Ford Falcon XR8. It had the number plate "PEPL ETA". Took me a few seconds to remember the song you learn when you are a kid - "Purple People Eater". You know? "He had one eye, one horn, flying purple people eater." Sing along.

Yu-Jin was singing along to the Black Eyed Peas with "Don't funk with my heart" today. Where on earth he would have heard the song before I don't know but he does like music.

What's In A Name

Yu-Jin and I watched "Guinness World Records" tonight. They had Mr Yim, from Korea, who, being a 7th dan black belt in Hap Ki Do, put molten lead, at 900 F, or 487 C, into his mouth for 14 seconds without sustaining injury. He then spat it out onto a piece of board which it burnt through within a couple of seconds. Most impressive. He should change his name to Mr Yeeow.


Hammysmum said...

I would have thought you would be too young to have heard that song, let alone remember it! Is it Hap Ki Do that man and woman are doing in that shampoo comercial?

Hammy said...

I think that it is more "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" than hap ki do. I don't believe that the shampoo commercial has much to do with martial arts.

Took me a little while to work out which commercial you meant - man and woman pulling each other's hair, right?

Hammysmum said...

That's the one. Flying through the air with the greatest of ease!