Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tom Cruise Tries To Kick-Start His Career Again

Did anyone see the morbid images of Tom Cruise kissing his newest fiance, Kate Holmes, on the news? I like the way the media reports that it will be the first marriage for Holmes, almost as if they are expecting it to not be her last.

Did you see the loving embrace, whilst kissing, for the cameras in Marseilles? Talk about staged-managed. I didn't think that it was a loving embrace. It was more like a "You-say-anything-bad-about-the-Church-of-Scientology-and-I'll-break-your-neck" embrace. Did you see where his hand was? One twist and she would be a quadrapregic.

I think that the latest career for Tom Cruise will be Pro Wrestling, after viewing the grip that he had.

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Hammysmum said...

Another egomaniac. I wonder what type of car HE drives?