Wednesday, June 08, 2005


A good fnerid of mnie, Ben, was irenspid by a rneect eiaml taht I snet, tknhas Grooks, wcihh had the wdros mexid-up. The fsrit and lsat leretts of the wrod raimen in the smae pacle but all of the oerhts get mdedlud. Deson't do mcuh for trehe lteter wrdos but it is siltl qitue raldbaee. Oosiluvby the bairn can ftocinun wtih qitue a dael of deilxsya and siltl ceernphmod waht is wteitrn. So I tuhoght taht I wulod witre a psot uinsg sflufhe.exe and see waht tnerud out. Hree geos nhntiog.

Uuetlnarnftoy the pgaorrm olny wrkos on the .Net Feomrwark, wichh wkerod fnie at wrok but not on my hmoe cueptmor. I'm jsut weidnrnog waht the drnecfefie is and why it wkerod in one pacle and not at the ohetr.

Stmeeimos I try to tpye too qclikuy and I don't rurqiee a pgaorrm to sflufhe my wrdos for me. I diecded to put the rael txet at the end of the ptnsiog in csae smoe of you wree ublane to raed waht I had ptesod.

A good friend of mine, Ben, was inspired by a recent email that I sent, thanks Grooks, which had the words mixed-up. The first and last letters of the word remain in the same place but all of the others get muddled. Doesn't do much for three letter words but it is still quite readable. Obviously the brain can function with quite a deal of dyslexia and still comprehend what is written. So I thought that I would write a post using shuffle.exe and see what turned out. Here goes nothing.

Unfortunately the program only works on the .Net Framework, which worked fine at work but not on my home computer. I'm just wondering what the difference is and why it worked in one place and not at the other.

Sometimes I try to type too quickly and I don't require a program to shuffle my words for me. I decided to put the real text at the end of the posting in case some of you were unable to read what I had posted.


Ben said...

I thnik this post deos not make much sesne, even in plian Enislgh!

I suesggs a revoisin.

Hammysmum said...

Come on guys. Are you sure you are not just trying to cover up the fact that you can't spell? You should not be in such a hurry when you type. Hee Hee.

NewYorkMoments said...

Nothing to do with the shuffle thing, but I just wanted to let you know that Russell Crowe was on David Letterman last night & he looked like a mighty fine hot piece of arse.

Joe said...

Funny, if you shuffle NYM's comment, it reads, in part "Russell Crowe looked like he was on David Letterman's hot piece of arse last night."

Hammy said...

Joe, extremely funny, warped and enjoyable. You may not have taken too long to come up with that but you have too much time on your hands. We need more people like you in the world. Where is your stand-up routine held?