Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Russell Crowe - You Idiot

Q. What do you call a New Zealander who comes to Australia and becomes successful, wealthy and famous?
A. An Aussie.

Q. What do you call an Aussie, originally from NZ, who came to Australia and became successful, wealthy and famous, and then assaults a hotel staff member with a telephone?
A. A bloody Kiwi.

It is amazing how quickly the Australian media appear to have turned their backs on Russell Crowe. He was once a darling Aussie held in high regard. "Our Russell" was a much-used term. Now he is referred to as a Kiwi. Interestingly, Russell has never avowed himself to be an Aussie and isn't categorical about his nationality. I wonder if he has taken out Australian citizenship or just has residency in Australia.

Not that nationality means anything when you become a hot-head for not being able to call your wife in Australia from a New York hotel, bring your phone downstairs, argue with a staff member and then, turning the phone into a fourth degree weapon (he has been charged with fourth degree possession of a weapon) when throwing the telephone against the wall and somehow badly injuring the face of the hotel employee.

Did he throw it at the employee or did it bounce off the wall? Apparently there is some video footage that may hold the key. I guess that we will see the video soon enough.

Perhaps the best bit of drama I have seen on telly in a long time was Crowe being marched in and out of the police station with his aviator sunglasses and jacket and remaining tight-lipped. Nice to see that although the incident took place at 4:20 am Crowe was still given time to make his hair look nice. Romper Stomper was his best piece of work.

Is assault as bad as kiddie fiddling? I await MJ's verdict too. Don't know if he did it or not. Some of the evidence seems pretty damning though.


NewYorkMoments said...

Russell Crowe is a HOT piece of arse!

Hammy said...

And you say that even though he isn't bald.

Hammysmum said...

Russell is indeed an idiot! A lady said today he needs some anger management counselling. I think he needs to go easy on the booze, too. It is a pity most of these "stars' eventually believe their own publicity. New Idea has a story this week about MJ. It says he has sold Neverland in anticipation of a not guilty verdict, and wants to come and live in OZ! Perish the thought!!!

gleek said...

what is it with new york that brings out the bad guy in stars? last year it was courtney love assaulting someone in a club and then assualting most of NY on the street by flashing her dessicated boob to a crowd. now it's crowe hitting someone with a telephone! any bets on who it will be next year?

NewYorkMoments said...


It's the NYC water.

Hammy said...

I don’t think that ol’ Russell was partaking enough in the NY water.

A couple of guys on the radio rang the Mercer Hotel yesterday and put on a German accent. They wanted to book a room, just for the one night.

“How do you spell that?”
“First name?”

Very short paused followed by beeps as the receptionist hung up on them quite quickly.

It was pretty damn funny though.