Saturday, June 18, 2005

Perth Is Full Of Idiot Drivers

Take Friday morning for instance. It's early, it's dark and it's raining. Some idiot in his maroon coloured V6 Commodore with the number plate "TURTLE 21" decided to race past me at the merging point of two lanes into one after an intersection. I was clearly in front, the road is slippery and it didn't seem to bother him one bit. As we approached the next set of lights, after he had sped away, he decided to change lanes without indicating. Well, the driver in front of him had the same idea and so they partook in some synchronised swerving. He decided to swerve from whence he came following that.

I've seen this idiot driving like this on several ocassions. Just a jerk. His accident can't come soon enough.


Hammysmum said...

Dad says they are everwhere.(Idot drivers) He says it is almost invariably a Holden driver, too! Immature egomaniacs.

Hammy said...

I wish his car would turn turtle. It may even be a woman driver - they are so aggresive over here.

I did see one woman last week with a cigarette in one hand and her mobile phone in the other whilst driving.

Hammysmum said...

Last Sunday morning, in the wee small hours, the police gave chase to a bloke who was doing donuts outside one of the pubs. He sped through West Tce. and over the bus layby at the high school, took out half a large tree and nearly flattened the fence. No, not a Holden driver this time. He was driving a VOLVO. The bloke is 28.

Hammy said...

Driving a Volvo at age 28. There should be a crime against that.