Monday, May 08, 2006

Where Are They Now?

We watched Channel 7's Where Are They Now last night and one of the guests was Alby Mangles. I remember going to the RSL Hall back home when I was a youngster and seeing his movie.

The show is taped and Melissa Doyle, one of the hosts, is actually in Tasmania covering the Beaconsfield Mine collapse and rescue of Brant Webb and Todd Russell. My question would be "Where Are They Now?", refering to the miners. They've been trapped for 13 days and we've known that they've been alive only for the last eight days. Everyone listens to the news and wants the latest. Have they been rescued? When will they be rescued? How far away are the rescuers?

Trust Richard Carleton to make a scene. Trying to upstage the rescue by suffering a heart attack during a press conference and dying. I've never liked him as a reporter much. He is (was) one of the most recognisable journalists in Australia however and his voice was very distinct. I'm only joking - it's quite ironic that he stole the headlines during a major news story.

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