Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bad Dreams - What Do They Mean?

Whenever Miky dreams about her father something bad happens. And I'm talking fairly serious business not just a nail getting broken. For instance, following one dream she had her purse stolen by some Aboriginals who were sitting behind her on the bus. Then there is the car breaking down or having a bingle with the car itself. Thankfully he doesn't appear in her dreams too often but he did again last night. I'll wait and see what happened today. She even planned to leave work earlier than normal to combat the issue.

I'm being serious for a change. There is an air of bad karma and it really gets to her. Whether it has anything to do with making bad things happen because you are expecting them to, or not, it is a bit freaky.


Lavinia said...

I'm really into interpreting my dreams and seeing links between them and my everyday life. I'm one of those lucky (?) people who recalls just about every dream.

I've had some prophetic ones in the past. Very scary. On one occassion I dreamt a male friend of the family came to visit my house afterschool, found me alone and attacked me. I was about 16 at the time.

It was strange to dream about him because we hardly ever saw him and he certainly never visited us. But the dream was strange enough that it stuck with me through the whole day at school .

Sweet goddess, when I got home that day the guy drove up to our house, saying he wanted to come in for a cup of tea. I hadn't opened the get to get in the yard yet so I decided to keep walking. I told him I was on my way to a friend's house and he'd have to come back later.

I was terrified, maybe unjustifiably so, but rather be safe than sorry.

I hope nothing bad happens to you or Milky:)

Hammy said...

Worst thing to happen was she had an argument with Yu-Jin and he headed off to bed early.

Lavinia said...


Lucky break, thank goodness:)

lori said...

ok i was checking to see if anything bad happened, glad there wasn't..

Hammy said...

She worries me when she has dreams like that as it is almost inevitable that something bad happens. Thankfully she got it wrong this time around.